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I have been thinking long and hard about what I would like to research.  I have been looking for a topic that met all of my criteria. I was looking for a product that would both be interesting to me, and would have changed greatly over time.  And lastly, I was looking for a product that has greatly influenced pop-culture.  The main thing that I could think of that met all of those is Nike.  I could write about Nike pre and post Micheal Jordan and also Nike’s more recent movement to incorperate all sports including golf with the recent sponsorship to Tiger Woods.


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Beauty Rediscovers the Male Body

1. Beauty rediscovers the male body is a long essay that the author took her time writing.  She explored all aspects of the topic and described them in detail and excess.  This style of writing shows that Susan Bordo is passionate about the subject and enjoys writing it.  Personally, I enjoy essays that get to the point quickly and stay there, delivering all the important information but thats it.  This style of writing is more efficient for both the writer and the reader. 

2. These sections devide the essay into a series of smaller essays pieced together in a logical progression.  This makes this long essay more manageable.  This “sectioning” is like adding chapters to books, it breaks the information into smaller groups of information which are proven to stay in your memory longer than huge block of information.

3.  Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvior and Bordo disagree have differing opinions.  Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvior both believe that if you are all alone you are free to do what you were ment to do unrestricted by what others think you should be doing.  Bordo refuted this statement by saying that when you are alone you only act on what your own vain ideals are.  I agree with Bordo in that when you are alone you are not free of what your external image is you are mearly viewing yourself in the same vain way that others would view you.

4.  Dockers and Haggard adds not only sell clothes but a lifestyle.  They say that I am a good, hard-working man and I don’t care what others think of me. Bordo dissagrees with this statement and maintains that it is ok to care how you look as a man. 

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Kotex adds

Thefirst add is based in the fifties.  The fifties were an era where it was a woman’s main responsibility to please her man.  Kotex targeted this and made their product the one thing that was the most responsible thing that they could do for their man.  They also asked trivia as to what a good woman would do for her boyfriend.  By doing this the article was inferring that by using kotex you are being a good woman.  The article even started with “Are you in the know?” which basically sums up in 5 words what the add is saying.  The add is essentially saying that women are here to keep men happy and kotex is there to help.


The next add shows a beautiful woman.  The bottom of the add is out of focus and as you look up this beautiful woman appears which almost makes her supernatural like a dream.  The words at the bottom say “Be a question. Be an answer.” This is just like saying be as desirable as possible by using Kotex napkins.  This add was obviously made for a different era then the first possibly in the seventies which have a different set of values then the fifties and the add is trying to sell those values in the form of their adds.

The following adds are trying to do the same by selling a look or set of values that a woman can use their product with.  The first picture is from the eighties and the second it from the forties but both are trying to sell a look that you can achieve with their product.

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Ways of Seeing

1. John Berger always relates the ways of looking at art in a cultural context. Viewing art in a deeper way than an art critic requires knowing the emotional impact on the viewer. The ability of art to convet an emotion is essentially what seperates good art from bad art. In order to understand a certian piece of art’s ability to convet emotion you need to realize the cultural context in which the art was made in: its history. This is why history is such a key concept in ways of seeing. It is like in an inside joke that you would have with your friends. You guys might think it is the funniest thing in the world but when you mention it to another person that isn’t in the original group of friends they bearly even crack a smile. This is because they don’t understand the emotional significance that the joke has to you, the same holds true for art.

2. The difference between Berger and the art historian is that Berger coments on the emotion in the painting rather than just the structure, beauty, and artistic skill that went into the painting. This reveals a deeper insight as to the reason a painting is sucessfull. In every good painting there is more than just paint on a canvass there is emotion and a meaning. It is the difference in a litteral and figurative meaning of a word. Often times there is a deeper meaning in art you just need to be able to see it, hence knowledge can change the way you see something.

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The Loss of The Creature

  1. All of Percy’s examples tend to lead to the same idea of living a cliche. Each of his ideas are different in that they give a different twist on this idea.? This ultimately makes his argument stronger for his main idea. Additionally it encompasses a larger spectrum of ideas to relate the main concept to life.
  2. The main loss that Percy describes is the fact that people never take anything for what they are anymore.? They think about how the place they see now relates to the postcard they got last year.? If they scene meets that criteria they immediately take a picture to show to their friends and have they opportunity to remember being there years later.? For this reason no one is ever truly in the moment living a truly unique experience that they can call their own.

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The Loss of the Creature

The author is saying that in order to truly see something in its complete and full magnitude that you need to essentially discover it. Or at least go into the experience of discovery with a clear head and no preconceived notions of what this beauty or experience should be like. These preconceived notions in essence numb these great experiences to the effect that they are mere clichés which hold only a fraction of the value of the actual experience. But I disagree with the fact that seeing things that have already been seen is not worth seeing for yourself. Though the experience is dulled, it is still an experience worth having. But you need to live in the moment and not get distracted with what it should be like or how you will remember it in the future.  The truest learning experiences are those that the person does for himself and for nobody else but himself.  I found that the author presented some very valid points.  I agree that most people tend to do things based on the idea that they need to prove to others that they are cultured.

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147575928_e8cb0d7c99_o.jpgA liberal arts education best provides you with the tools needed to venture out into the real world.  It helps you choose the path that you want to take and allows you to make the best of your life using your knowlege of many subjects as well as a large amout of knowlege in your subject of choice.  The picture was provided by suszek-a/cl from

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After learning a great deal of other knowledge and finding your true passion, a liberal arts college allows you to delve deep into that passion and explore it at great length.  Essentially becoming an expert in your chosen field. This photo was provided by thepretenda at

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A liberal arts college gives its students a chance to interact with a great diversity of people.  This allows them to put their heads together and create a greater understanding of themselves and others around them.  This photo was provided by Hadassmq on 

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Liberal arts colleges give you the opportunity to study a large breadth of information giving you incite into many ideas.  This very broad course-load is what prepares its students for whatever adversery life may throw at them. The photo was given by Doctor Casino on

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